Sparkle up your Fridge!


Who doesn’t love bling?

And what better place to add a bit of sparkle to your life than your kitchen?

I just came across these cute little magnets from LiveLoveDIY and can not wait to make a set of my own.


Image – LiveLoveDIY

While the use of rhinestones and turquoise is a fun look, I am looking forward to finding some blingy charms that match my antique- style kitchen decor. I am thinking those antique brooches from thrift shops and yard sales would be the perfect look for my fridge!

What do you think? Do you ever make fun magnets to brighten up your kitchen?


Monograms for the Front Door

I love wreaths and decor on my front door. I think it is a feeling of walking up to a home and immediately feeling welcome that makes me want to do the same for my guests and my family. I specifically love monograms and wanted to quickly show you a few of my favorites today!


Photo From Carolina Clover

Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers. I can never seem to grow them myself, but find that Trader Joe’s sells them fresh at a very reasonable price. As far as door wreaths go, many craft stores are offering very realistic flowers these days, including hydrangeas. If you aren’t into making this wreath yourself, or need a beautifully made housewarming gift for a new couple, a friend or family, visit Carolina Clover’s website where she sells these very elegant wreaths.


Image: Pinspired

This natural wreath is a mix of all different kinds of beauty. I love the cluttered, yet simple look to this wreath and think it could easily be re-created. I especially love the idea of adding in the house numbers!

Wow, this is stunning. I really do not have more to say about this exquisite monogram, except that I really, really want one! The dark colored door really makes it pop, too. Visit Holly Mathis Interiors to find out where to purchase your very own!

Canvas Wall Art

I absolutely love canvas wall art.

I guess it is because working on canvas is extremely affordable (I buy my canvas in bulk packs with 50% off coupons at Michaels) and is a simple way to switch up a room in a short amount of time.

How do I simply switch out the art? I have three nails above my couch and regularly switch out the canvases as they do not have frames. Because I always use the same size canvas, I do not have to worry about figuring out measurements and making more holes in the wall. I also have one in our front entry way that I do the same with – but that one I use an open back and glass- free frame. I can easily take down the frame and insert a new canvas.

Why do I do this? My husband has a thing about lots of “stuff” hanging from the walls. He likes it simple. But I like LOTS of pictures. So I came up with this plan after reading an article a few years back for people like me who have many different decorating styles. To sum it up, it said that too many styles is very clutter-y. So continue to buy what you like, just keep all those knick- knacks and frames it in totes and switch it up by season. This idea is amazing, and similar to how you handle your holiday decor. Instead of holiday totes, I keep Season totes – Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring! It keeps us both happy!

Back to ideas on things to do with canvas – there are SO many – I made a list below of some of my favorites! If you like my idea above about seasonal rotation, think about that when you are making your canvases. I consider theme and color to decide what holiday or season they most represent. Of course, you might end up switching them out more than seasonally too!



Corner House Blog has a great tutorial on how to transfer a photo to canvas. This is a great way to use vacation or family photos and also make a fabulous gift for anyone! She used this in her baby nursery which is a fun idea, but this rustic, antiqued look would look amazing in any room of the house.



If you aren’t into rustic, try this modern look. Use just the main colors in a room and paint different sized stripes! Look at the bold and stunning effect it has on this bedroom! For the tutorial on how to create this look, visit 4 Men 1 Lady. I love this blog!



If you want to create very very Big statement with very little effort, cover your canvas with fabric! You can have this wall art completed as soon as you are back from the fabric store! Visit My Polished Side for details on how to create this project.


I hope these canvases gave you some great inspiration!

Chevron Pattern

When finding something that is in style or that I love very much, I find it difficult to know when to stop. I mean, I see photos in magazines, items in the craft stores and department stores all with the same pattern. And I want it ALL!

Right now, it is the chevron pattern. I could paint my dresser with chevrons, by a new rug, lamp shades, curtains, wall hangings…or even paint my whole wall in it. It is everywhere! But how much is too much?┬áPersonally, I find that small accents are all that matter. If you Really Love a pattern, and plan to love it long-term, then sure – go paint that wall! But if you plan on switching it up as soon as the trend is over, then I wouldn’t bother pulling out the cans of paint. Stick to something more basic, like a new set of curtains and a matching vase.

I tend to stick to throw pillows. They are simple to make and Really Cheap when re-using the pillow forms. Stock up when there is a 50% off sale at Jo-Anns and go bananas with different patterns. Just be sure to use removable patterns. This way, you can change up with different trends, different holidays and even different seasonal colors!

As far as Chevron pillows go, here are some of my favorite toss pillow designs:



This Thomas Paul Chevron Pillow from Joss and Main would look great in any color to match your house! Easily screen on to re-create this look.



If you love the gathered / bunched look like I do, visit this great tutorial from Stitch Rabbit to create the pillow above. I love the multi-colored fabrics but also feel it would look great in any color! Also try monochrome for a really stylish look!



Want a really easy to use tutorial for a painted chevron pillow? Try out these pillows from Honey Bee Vintage. If you want a more vintage look to these, try spotting the paint on to make it look more worn.

Remember to never stop experimenting. Try painting over lace to create a different effect or upcycling by using old shirts for fabric! Whatever you do, have a blast!

DIY Bracelets

As you all know by now, the stacking bracelets phenomenon is still going on!

This isn’t exactly for your home, but I really wanted to share some ideas because here at Craft-Your-Home, we have been making our fair share of bracelets recently. By we I mean my sister and I – - and our mom has even joined in on this fun girl time! We have found many fun and classy tutorials and have spent several evenings laughing, joking and making jewelry! Those evenings only get more fun with a nice bottle of wine ;)



One of my favorites is this rhinestone bracelet shown above from HonestlyWTF. We made this in several colors and even lengthened it to create a snug choker-style necklace! Very cute, very easy and the tutorial is super detailed and easy to understand.


Another one we liked is a tutorial from HenryHappened. This awesome piece is made of polymer clay and chain. While this is a tutorial for a actually necklace, we thought it would look amazing in smaller scale as a bracelet. It does. I made mine in bright, magenta pink to match a new pairs of Chucks I got a few weeks ago! I love to match my Chucks with chunky jewelry. If you make the holes in the clay just a bit larger, you can actually fit two pieces of chain through. I did both a black and a silver chain and connected the two with jump rings on each side with the clasps.


The last one I will share with you is another rhinestone bracelet from Trickets in Bloom.

I found this bracelet by searching the internet specifically for the style because I bought a bracelet similar to this a few months ago and was really disappointed with the quality. It fell apart really quickly. The great thing about making jewelry yourself is YOU control the quality! And, if it does happen to break…well it only cost a fraction of retail costs and you can just make another!

I am extremely happy with the one I made from this tutorial!! I made mine in black and it looks great with casual or formal clothes! So verastile and fun.