An Ornament from Old Keys


If you are like me, you have a handful of old keys that you just don’t want to toss.

Keys from your first car, your first apartment or even your first house!

Mine are all buried somewhere in the bottom of my jewelry box, probably tarnishing from age. I rarely see them, but when I do they bring me back to the old days! They hold good memories of the past that I would have otherwise forgotten had I not kept the keys as a small, simple reminder of those days.



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The holidays are a perfect time for reminiscing. I love pulling out all the ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree and telling stories of where there each came from, who made them, how old we were when we got it, etc. It is a great yearly tradition to keep all those great memories alive!

That is why I just love this key ornament idea! This is a simple ornament to make – just a key, a tag with the address or other note about the key and add a few charms or ribbons to decorate it. Using charms that tell about the key is a great option – for example, if it was a key to your ocean front beach house (I WISH!!!), attach a few shells that you collected when you lived there. Anything to help remind you of the times you had when there.

This is also a great idea for your college years. Many students have a key card to their dorm room…just punch a hole in it to add a nice hanger. For off-campus housing, be sure to get an extra copy of the house key made, if it is allowed.

What a brilliant, fun idea!


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