It’s Almost Halloween! Last Minute Crafts!


The scary, spooky Halloween is not really something I am in to. I prefer a more festive fall look to my Halloween decor.

Because I usually start decorating my home for the fall season about the beginning of October (…or even in September!), I tend to forget about Halloween. So a day or two before, I run around town grabbing last minute candy so the neighborhood kids don’t egg or TP my house! I also grab a few pumpkins to add to my already festive fall decorations. Every year, I swear I will get more into Halloween, with skulls and things, but I just get so excited decorating for fall…

Here are a few Halloween craft projects (for you procrastinators like me!) that will take you no time at all to create.


This tray is a quick project and could be a fun way to hand out your goodies to Trick or Treaters. If you want to make it last a little longer in your home, sub the skulls and crossbones for a pretty fall leaf or pumpkin paper. Keep it on your coffee table to serve snacks to company that comes your way.


This is the fastest last minute project and looks absolutely amazing! Not to mention extremely cost efficient – candy corn is so cheap! Fill a couple more vases next to this arrangement with a spoon so guests can help themselves to the tasty treats. If you are really in a time crunch and don’t have time to paint and glitter, just grab some natural twigs from the yard or craft store.



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Not only do I love the silhouettes, but the paper-backed hutch idea is amazing! What a great way to spruce up a dated piece of furniture! White plates are very cheap at big box stores, thrift stores and even the dollar store! Slap on a quick stencil, or cut out your own, and make a beautiful and festive display in no time! Add a coat of clear varnish or two to be sure they keep well in storage for next year.



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I have seen pumpkin topiaries before, but none like this! Drilling a few holes sure does make for a beautiful look with all the lights and leaves. I saw a 50% off coupon for Michaels in my email…I think I might run over there today to grab some crafting pumpkins to create this for my porch! This could stay up through Thanksgiving!


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