Hanging Notepad


Do you ever buy those notepads for your refrigerator?

The kind with the magnet on the back?

I always have such horrible luck with them. You pay a buck or two for each pad, then hang it on the fridge. But the upright position never agrees with the weight of the paper, so the flimsy cardboard back separates from the rest of the pad, leaving you with a pad of paper with No Magnet! Then you have a drawer full of pads of paper, none of which do their original duty – hang on the fridge. Life sucks sometimes!

So I found this tutorial on Etsy to make a hanging notepad that uses rolls of paper. You know, the kind you can by in the office supply section for fancy calculators or cash registers.

You can make this awesome contraption, then stick a ginormous magnet on the back to secure it to your fridge For Life! Or skip the magnet and just glue it right on the door!

I have also seen these made with a large picture frame hanger on the bottom – the kind with the jagged tooth. This acts as more of a blade, which seems like a stronger, longer lasting idea than the rubber band used in this tutorial from the Etsy blog.

I am getting started on this idea today – no more crappy magnetic paper pads for this girl!


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