What to do with an old, ugly knife block?


This is one of the cutest, coolest ideas I have seen in a while.

I know many people decide their knife block is just too darn ugly, so they toss it out and store their knifes in a drawer instead. But if you love to cook and want your knives handy and think your knife block needs some updating, this idea is worth while!

When I was shopping around to purchase my knife set years ago, I remember finding a really great deal on a very professional set. However, I opted for a lesser quality set ONLY because I really wanted a black knife block (versus the bamboo/pine/whatever that light wood is) to match my kitchen better. Had I seen this idea back then, I definitely would have sprung for that awesome set back then! I am so bummed now…

Ideas to consider: discount stores like Ross, Marshalls, Big Lots, etc. often have great deals on cheaper knife sets. If you know someone who just moved in to their first apartment or is headed off to college, this would make for a great gift! Personalize it with their initials, college logo or even their favorite super hero!

For instructions, visit austinstaynplay.


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