Fall is Coming!!


My family and I have always been easily excited by the fall season.

There is something about the changing color of the leaves, the darker days, the smell of a good fire with a cup of hot cocoa that really strikes a happy nerve. Maybe it was because growing up, my mom always made a big deal of the start of the school and fall season to excite us about a new year. I guess when you are a kid, the first day of school sort of feels like New Years. She always made it special by making warm cookies,  making leaf piles in the yard for us to play in and bringing out the fall decorations.

While for many families Labor Day weekend is the end of the summer, for ours it has always really been the beginning of fall. Though we are all grown now and still have our holiday weekend BBQ, my mother, sister and I tend to enjoy our tradition of preparing some new fall crafts while the men grill and chat about who knows what.

Our planned project for this weekend?


Image Source: AllYou.com

This hazelnut wreath from AllYou.com. I have stocked up on hazelnuts and also a selection of acorns. I think acorn caps would make for better flower than the almonds shown above – we’ll see what happens. For the wreath base, I purchased some pool noodles I found at the store on clearance in the summer aisles! I plan to cut them up and glue or wire them into wreaths.

Do you have any plans or family traditions for Labor Day weekend that include decorating or crafting? I would love to hear what all of you do for the long weekend! Enjoy yourselves, whatever you do!


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