Dried Flower Wall Hangings


Have you ever dried flowers?

I used to do it all the time when I was a kid. My dad made me a special flower press for my birthday one year and I went crazy attempting to press every kind of flower in site! I was young and clueless, making for several failed (MOLDY!!) attempts when I tried to press things like those purple ice plant flowers. Oh, childhood!

There are so many great ways to decorate your home with dried flowers. It is an amazing opportunity for you to show off your creative skills – you will get so many comments on your beautiful work! I love to press fern leaves, they look so natural and add a huge amount of bold detail to a room. I have a couple framed pieces next to our bookcases and I swear the ferns being next to books makes me look smarter. Haha.

Here are some great was to make and use pressed flowers in your home:


I love the old, rustic frame look. It really adds some dimension to these beautiful, simple flower arrangements.



This tutorial even shows you how to tea stain the paper to place behind the flowers. What a great idea!




This is the same idea as the ones in my own home that I mentioned above. Though I used brown acid-free packaging paper and a dark brown frame – the kind that has the grain, holes and natural wood look with a glossy finish.



A great idea for weddings. Would be extra special if you had pressed flowers that the groom had given you at some point!



Oh, wow! Queen Annes lace! I have never pressed it myself, but it is one of the most beautiful flowers out there. This is a very vintage, beautiful finished arrangement – be sure to check out the tutorial to see it!


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