Family Silhouettes


On a recent trip, I visited a friend of a cousin who had the greatest entryway I have ever seen. It wasn’t cluttered, but very much used – you could tell she entertained a lot and put the space to great use. Everything seemed to have its place, from the umbrella stand to the purse hooks to the shoe area. Something about this space just make me feel welcome in to her home.

Because I had never met her before, we were just stopping by a second while I visited my cousin, I felt it was rude to ask for a picture. But one thing that I remember most of all were the silhouettes of each family member, including the two family dogs, hanging above the entry way table. The two parents hung side by side on the top row, the three children underneath them in the second row, then the two dogs side by side on the bottom row. It was literally a picture perfect, happy family.

Upon searching for something similar in taste, I came across this setup below that I wanted to share with you as I was not able to snap a quick image the day of my trip.

I love how the parents in this one use the oval frames to add a bit more detail and care to this wall.

Not sure how to make a silhouette of your family members? Check out the image source below for a great tutorial by


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Whatever you do, don’t forget the family pets!


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