Shells for Summer


I love shells.

I don’t get to the beach often, we usually go once every year or so, but when I do I am immediately scouring the sand for treasures. Now that summer is here, I wanted to bring out my precious findings and use them as decor in my home. I put them in a flat dish, but that didn’t really do the trick for me – it seemed so boring and unless people actually walk over to the dish, they don’t really see them. I want a way to really make a statement. After all, it has taken me years of beach trips to collect all my beautiful shells!

This is my favorite idea – to create decorative balls out of shells. I assume starting with a Styrofoam or wooden ball base would be perfect. I think if I paint it a natural color first, it will be easier to hide the ugly foam underneath. I may also choose to cover it first in burlap because that might add to the beachy look.

A tall, clear vase is also a great idea for creating a statement in your home. This would make my shells look great on my entry way table. Add in a couple summer like blooms or palm leaves and that would really cause your guests to look – which in turn makes a great conversation starter!

Follow the link above for a tutorial on how to create this insanely gorgeous shell wreath. I would love to make this and pull it out of my summer decor stash every year! I love how there is such a mixture of shells here, all white in different shades. So naturally beautiful!



Lastly is this amazing idea and tutorial for a mirror made of shells. This would look stunning over a mantel. If you don’t have enough shells to complete this project, think about making this on a smaller scale or even a picture frame. You can also buy bags of shells if you wish. Personally, I enjoy collecting shells so much that I would want to use all my own because they are memories and stories to me.

I guess I have to take another trip to the beach to make all of these fun projects!


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