Canvas Wall Art


I absolutely love canvas wall art.

I guess it is because working on canvas is extremely affordable (I buy my canvas in bulk packs with 50% off coupons at Michaels) and is a simple way to switch up a room in a short amount of time.

How do I simply switch out the art? I have three nails above my couch and regularly switch out the canvases as they do not have frames. Because I always use the same size canvas, I do not have to worry about figuring out measurements and making more holes in the wall. I also have one in our front entry way that I do the same with – but that one I use an open back and glass- free frame. I can easily take down the frame and insert a new canvas.

Why do I do this? My husband has a thing about lots of “stuff” hanging from the walls. He likes it simple. But I like LOTS of pictures. So I came up with this plan after reading an article a few years back for people like me who have many different decorating styles. To sum it up, it said that too many styles is very clutter-y. So continue to buy what you like, just keep all those knick- knacks and frames it in totes and switch it up by season. This idea is amazing, and similar to how you handle your holiday decor. Instead of holiday totes, I keep Season totes – Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring! It keeps us both happy!

Back to ideas on things to do with canvas – there are SO many – I made a list below of some of my favorites! If you like my idea above about seasonal rotation, think about that when you are making your canvases. I consider theme and color to decide what holiday or season they most represent. Of course, you might end up switching them out more than seasonally too!



Corner House Blog has a great tutorial on how to transfer a photo to canvas. This is a great way to use vacation or family photos and also make a fabulous gift for anyone! She used this in her baby nursery which is a fun idea, but this rustic, antiqued look would look amazing in any room of the house.



If you aren’t into rustic, try this modern look. Use just the main colors in a room and paint different sized stripes! Look at the bold and stunning effect it has on this bedroom! For the tutorial on how to create this look, visit 4 Men 1 Lady. I love this blog!



If you want to create very very Big statement with very little effort, cover your canvas with fabric! You can have this wall art completed as soon as you are back from the fabric store! Visit My Polished Side for details on how to create this project.


I hope these canvases gave you some great inspiration!


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