Chevron Pattern


When finding something that is in style or that I love very much, I find it difficult to know when to stop. I mean, I see photos in magazines, items in the craft stores and department stores all with the same pattern. And I want it ALL!

Right now, it is the chevron pattern. I could paint my dresser with chevrons, by a new rug, lamp shades, curtains, wall hangings…or even paint my whole wall in it. It is everywhere! But how much is too much?┬áPersonally, I find that small accents are all that matter. If you Really Love a pattern, and plan to love it long-term, then sure – go paint that wall! But if you plan on switching it up as soon as the trend is over, then I wouldn’t bother pulling out the cans of paint. Stick to something more basic, like a new set of curtains and a matching vase.

I tend to stick to throw pillows. They are simple to make and Really Cheap when re-using the pillow forms. Stock up when there is a 50% off sale at Jo-Anns and go bananas with different patterns. Just be sure to use removable patterns. This way, you can change up with different trends, different holidays and even different seasonal colors!

As far as Chevron pillows go, here are some of my favorite toss pillow designs:



This Thomas Paul Chevron Pillow from Joss and Main would look great in any color to match your house! Easily screen on to re-create this look.



If you love the gathered / bunched look like I do, visit this great tutorial from Stitch Rabbit to create the pillow above. I love the multi-colored fabrics but also feel it would look great in any color! Also try monochrome for a really stylish look!



Want a really easy to use tutorial for a painted chevron pillow? Try out these pillows from Honey Bee Vintage. If you want a more vintage look to these, try spotting the paint on to make it look more worn.

Remember to never stop experimenting. Try painting over lace to create a different effect or upcycling by using old shirts for fabric! Whatever you do, have a blast!


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