DIY Bracelets


As you all know by now, the stacking bracelets phenomenon is still going on!

This isn’t exactly for your home, but I really wanted to share some ideas because here at Craft-Your-Home, we have been making our fair share of bracelets recently. By we I mean my sister and I – - and our mom has even joined in on this fun girl time! We have found many fun and classy tutorials and have spent several evenings laughing, joking and making jewelry! Those evenings only get more fun with a nice bottle of wine ;)



One of my favorites is this rhinestone bracelet shown above from HonestlyWTF. We made this in several colors and even lengthened it to create a snug choker-style necklace! Very cute, very easy and the tutorial is super detailed and easy to understand.


Another one we liked is a tutorial from HenryHappened. This awesome piece is made of polymer clay and chain. While this is a tutorial for a actually necklace, we thought it would look amazing in smaller scale as a bracelet. It does. I made mine in bright, magenta pink to match a new pairs of Chucks I got a few weeks ago! I love to match my Chucks with chunky jewelry. If you make the holes in the clay just a bit larger, you can actually fit two pieces of chain through. I did both a black and a silver chain and connected the two with jump rings on each side with the clasps.


The last one I will share with you is another rhinestone bracelet from Trickets in Bloom.

I found this bracelet by searching the internet specifically for the style because I bought a bracelet similar to this a few months ago and was really disappointed with the quality. It fell apart really quickly. The great thing about making jewelry yourself is YOU control the quality! And, if it does happen to break…well it only cost a fraction of retail costs and you can just make another!

I am extremely happy with the one I made from this tutorial!! I made mine in black and it looks great with casual or formal clothes! So verastile and fun.


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